Miramar Campus High School

Acknowledging Community Power, Resiliency, and Action Through Murals

It is my hope that this project will have students think of themselves as agents and artist of change. I will have students think about the ways in which art can remember, appreciate and celebrate the community that has come before and surrounds them currently.
This mural project will allow students to see themselves as part of a vibrant, rich and resilient history or murals that exist in and around LA. Communities all over LA have used murals to express themselves, document stories, and remember important events and people.
It is time for the students at Camino Nuevo Miramar to share and represent their histories, stories, and dreams. I know that when the murals are finished the culture that is struggling to show it self will be recognized, noticed and visually shared!!
The link to the project is listed here: 
If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please reach out to Mr. Fister at tyler.fister@caminonuevo.org.