Miramar Campus High School

-Todavía tenemos una cantidad limitada de espacios disponibles para los grados 9 al 12 este próximo año escolar. Llame al 213-240-8700 para mas información.- | -We still have a limited amount of seats available for 9th thru 12th grade this upcoming school year.  Call 213-240-8700 for more information.- Programs » Programs


A key component of Camino Nuevo’s mission is our focus on the whole child where we address students’ comprehensive needs ensuring that each student is healthy, supported, engaged and challenged--setting the stage for comprehensive and long-term student success. Learn more about our Continuum of Care.

Experiential Learning Strand: Arts and Culture
Get Lit! Program 
LA Phil: Student Ambassador Program 
Shakespeare Center 
Street Art
Children's Institute, Inc. (CII) 
City Stage 
InnerCity Arts 

Summer Opportunities
Academy of Business Leadership
Ghetto Film School

Experiential Learning Strand: College Readiness
Colleges that Change Lives Program (CTLC)
Junior Achievement: JA Classroom
Operation HOPE: The Global Leader for Financial Dignity

Integrated Support Services Partners
St. John’s Mobile Health Clinic
Ketchum YMCA
Karate Class
Children's Hospital (Substance Abuse 
Prevention & Treatment Program - SAPT)
Children's Institute, Inc. (CII)
Los Angeles Child & Development Center